Artifacts smuggled out of Iraq, recovered and lost again are found in prime minister’s storage

Iraq finds missing artifacts in premier’s storage

Iraq displays hundreds of artifacts recovered after looting, including statue of Sumerian king

Iraq displays hundreds of recovered artifacts

Looted artifacts returned to Iraq, including 4,400-year-old statue stolen during US invasion

Barack Obama

Iraq says British court lets Iraqi airline chief leave despite airplanes dispute with Kuwait

Court lets Iraqi airline chief leave Britain

Iraq slams Kuwait for attempting to confiscate Iraqi Airways plane landing in London

Iraq slams Kuwait for interfering with its airline

Etihad launches flights to Baghdad from Abu Dhabi, plans Irbil routes in northern Iraq

UAE airline Etihad starts Iraq flights

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Etihad Airways says it has launched regular flights to Baghdad with the first plane taking off for the Iraqi capital on Tuesday.

Etihad to launch flights to Iraq from UAE as early as next week; Baghdad, Irbil routes planned

UAE airline Etihad plans to start Iraq flights

US soldiers return to scene of their big battle and find an Iraqi town at peace

GIs return to their war zone and find it peaceful